Back to the Island

One of a kind, beautiful jewlery

About the Jewelry Designer

Back to Island Creations owner and designer Judy Simes worked as a Realtor for years. Once she left the industry, she decided to work on a secret passion that she had - creating custom-made jewelry. Since it was something she loved doing, she would work on these pieces for hours. Her creative juices just keep on rolling when she is in her craft area. 

Friends noticed how beautiful her earrings were and she would often be asked where she got them. This gave her an idea to start selling her earrings and other custom-made jewelry items online and in souvenir shops, hence the birth of Back to the Island Creations. 

Over the years, Judy has crafted hundreds of jewelry items and was eventually known as one of the best custom jewelry designers in Hilton Head Island, SC. Whenever tourists or vacationers would look for a unique piece that would make them remember the town, they all point their fingers to Back to the Island Creations. 

Judy also does custom-made pieces for clients who already have a particular design in mind. Her clients will usually send their ideas over by email or they discuss them over the phone. ​​

If you have a design in mind for you or that special someone in your life, you can send Judy a rough sketch of your design to her at or you can book an appointment by giving her a call at (704) 907-5709.

Judy's schedule usually gets booked fast so make sure to plan ahead so that she will have enough time to create the jewelry for you!

Designer Judy Simes
Judy and her daughter, Kelly